Religious Right Attacks ‘Demonic’ and ‘Mean’ Obama in Final Debate

During the three presidential debate and the vice presidential debate we have kept an eye on conservative activists on Twitter who have routinely claimed that the debates have finally “exposed” Obama as a fraud in need of a teleprompter. But after last night’s debate where Mitt Romney shifted many of his foreign policy stances, in line with his record of changing his views on social and economic issues, to make him appear like he agrees with President Obama, conservative activists had little room to work with, unless you are Ann Coulter who called Obama a “retard.”

Glenn Beck said Obama is “mean” and a “liar,” lauding Romney’s performance as “divinely inspired.”

More than a liar, Faith2Action president Janet Porter maintained that President Obama seemed “demonic.”


Buster Wilson of the American Family Association claimed Obama is revealing his “angry black man persona” in the debate.

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel amusingly believed that Romney’s attempt to agree with Obama really shows he was “smoking Obama.”

If you need more proof that Obama “lost,” LifeNews founder Steven Ertelt said it is clear Romney won judging by how the candidates hugged their wives:

AFA spokesman Bryan Fischer appears to think that Romney has embraced the Fischer doctrine.

But none of this matters anyway, as WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah points out that his fellow birther Donald Trump is going to ruin Obama with his planned “October surprise.”