Random Book Blogging: Sally Kern Elaborates … By Saying The Same Thing

It took me just about two hours to make it through “The Stoning of Sally Kern: The Liberal Attack on Christian Conservatism – And Why We Must Take a Stand” which pretty much tells you all you need to know about this vapid amalgamation of right-wing cliches that Kern cobbled together and tried to pass off as a book.

Kern’s book reads like a greatest hits collection of right-wing talking points as she fear-mongers about everything from Kevin Jennings to ENDA to the Department of Homeland Security while mixing in references to the works of David Barton, David Horowitz and even full-blown Christian Reconstructionists like Gary DeMar.

[As it turns out, Kern more or less has Barton to thank for turning her into a national pariah as it was at one of his Wallbuilders ProFamily Legislators Conference that she first learned about the insidious homosexual agenda that was a bigger threat to this nation than terrorism and decided to begin speaking out against it.]

In the book, Kern claims that her original statement was poorly worded and then taken out of context and misrepresented … and she then proceeds to clarify by saying the very same thing:

One of the snippets from my now infamous speech that has been replayed endlessly by my critics on the Left is the sentence in which I say that the homosexual lifestyle and its agenda are “a greater threat than terrorism.” If I hadn’t been in such a hurry to hit all my points, I would have elaborated on that thought in a way that wouldn’t have left me so open to outrage and demagoguery …

Terrorists seem to do damage to our nation and to its people. Yet we, the American people, are bringing the wholesale destruction of our nation upon ourselves as we wholeheartedly embrace homosexuality, a lifestyle proven to be dangerous and deadly. We are currently very vigilant against the terrorist threat against us. We seem oblivious to this more pervasive inner decay.

My hope and prayer is that this book and the hate-storm I’ve been through will in some way help to change that dangerous complacency.

I haven’t felt this cheated by a Religious Right author since Matt Barber conned me out of $30 by surreptitiously stitching together a bunch his columns and then selling it as a book.