Radical Anti-Immigrant Activist William Gheen Claims He ‘Just Got Off The Phone With Judge Roy Moore’

William Gheen, the radical anti-immigrant activist behind Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), has been emailing his supporters over the past several weeks attempting to solicit donations and volunteers for Roy Moore’s Senate campaign in Alabama. Today, Gheen wrote that he had received a call from Moore himself: “I just got off the phone with Judge Roy Moore in Alabama and he asked me to thank each of you who has contacted his Volunteer Coordinator…to make calls from home or travel to Alabama to help with his grassroots campaign!”

It seems that there is no activist too extreme for Moore to embrace, and if he did in fact call Gheen to thank him for his help, it would fit with that pattern.

As Kyle wrote last year:

Gheen is basically a one-man anti-immigration army who is notorious for railing against immigrants and declaring that violence may be necessary to stop Obama from inciting a civil war in which he’ll use undocumented immigrants to attack white Christians.

Gheen has called for sheriffs to arrest Obama and then for Republicans to impeach and prosecute him over the issue of immigration, warning that the president is luring Central American kids into the country with “Obamaphones” in order to recruit them to be child soldiers in his private army that will confiscate guns and crack down “in a totalitarian fashion against American citizens.”

Gheen specifically warned that this Obama army of immigrants would be turned against the “Christian, heterosexual, male” population:

Gheen’s view of immigrants is perhaps best summed up by this radio interview in which he warned listeners that Mexican-American immigrants “may smile at you as they serve you your cheeseburger or cruise across your lawn with a weed eater” but in reality they want “for you and your whole family to die”

It’s entirely possible that Gheen is claiming that a robocall from Moore to campaign volunteers was a call from the judge himself. But it’s also entirely possible, given Moore’s penchant for extremist activists, that he really was thankful to have Gheen’s help.