‘Prophet’ David Herzog Says Election Will Bring ‘Great Awakening’ or ‘Mass Persecution’

David Herzog (Image from David Herzog Ministries video, "Awakening and the Election")

“Prophet” David Herzog, who participated in End Times author Jonathan Cahn’s recent “The Return” rally on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., released an “urgent word” about the upcoming election this week. In an email to supporters, Herzog said the outcome of the election will determine whether Christians in the U.S. experience “a great awakening” or “mass persecution.”

Here’s an excerpt from Herzog’s email:

We are now less than 2 weeks until the election. This election is by far the most life altering election for America, the Church, Israel and the unborn and will determine the future of America and the church towards a great awakening with stadiums and parks filled or mass persecution and the church going underground. It will affect everything from the future of freedom to simply attend Christian meetings, the legality of spreading the gospel freely, to the future of our children, the future of the unborn, the US position with Israel and so much more. Not to mention the possibility of the greatest economy or the worst crash ever depending on the outcome of this election and our prayers. It can be the best or worst of times and God put the ball in our court as believers!

Herzog’s fear-mongering is part of a campaign by religious-right leaders to mobilize conservative Christians to vote by convincing them that Democrats and leftists are out to shut down churches and criminalize Christianity. He encouraged people to pray and fast before Election Day, and to vote because “your vote is a spiritual act permitting destruction or restraining the enemy’s plans.”

Herzog’s message linked to an 18-minute video in which Herzog said his message was “not political,” but he told Christians that “if you vote Democrat, you are literally helping kill the babies.”

“This is the last moment in history that we can hold back the demonic Antichrist spirit around the world,” Herzog said.

Herzog called public health restrictions on churches to slow the spread of COVID-19 a sign of worse persecution to come. “What the Democrats are talking about is dictatorship,” Herzog claimed. “It’s not like during the Obama years—that’s not what we’re about to—we’re about to get, if we don’t get Trump as president, something really evil and wicked. It’s the globalism, it’s the demonic one-world plan.”

Herzog told readers that their actions will influence the course of the End Times:

The culture is rapidly changing and we need the next 4 years to allow God to use the church to spread the gospel, bring one more national awakening and shift the tide. It’s now or never. What we do now determines how fast end time events will speed up. The enemy knows his time is short and the great harvest is at hand but If we obey God He can do another miracle! Prophesy is always conditional as we must do our part. That’s why we are already seeing churches forced to shut down, cities burning and pastors in America threatened with jail time for holding services and this is just a taste and forewarning if we don’t pray, fast and vote.

He also spread some conspiracy theories about voting by mail, and urged people to pray against assassination attempts on President Donald Trump.

Herzog’s message linked to state-by-state voter guides produced by the Hispanic Action Network, which is run by POTUS Shield member Mark Gonzales.

Herzog also claimed that God chose to have “Jewish judge” Ruth Bader Ginsburg die on Rosh Hashanah as part of a grand divine plan to deal with the national sin of legal abortion. God’s plan, he said, was to fill Ginsburg’s seat with “a born-again spiritual believer—she’s Catholic, but she’s spirit filled,” which he called “a sign that God’s hearing our prayers of repentance and shifting that situation.” He said that Trump’s announcement of Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court came as he was blowing the shofar horn—normally used in Jewish religious ceremonies—at “The Return,” which he called a sign from God that “this thing is rigged in our favor.”