Pro-Trump Conference Hosting Sarah Sanders Quietly Drops Flat Earther From Lineup

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was interviewed on the Christian Broadcasting Network on January 30, 2019.

A pro-Trump conference hosting with a former White House official and Republican congressmen has quietly removed from its lineup an “alternative medicine guru” who believes that Earth is flat.

The American Priority Conference, which flopped during its first attempt at an event in Washington, D.C., last year is headed to the Trump National Doral Miami golf resort with a lineup that includes former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, and Reps. Jason Chaffetz and Matt Gaetz. The event is also playing host to conspiracy theorists, one of whom was a health guru named David “Avocado” Wolfe.

As reported in Will Sommer’s Right Richter newsletter:

The most interesting speaker might be David “Avocado” Wolfe, an alternative medicine guru who’s offering three days of yoga classes for attendees. But Wolfe isn’t just a yoga instructor. He also believes the earth is flat, that vaccines are harmful, and that the air is being poisoned with chemtrails delivered by airplanes. Wolfe’s ideas somehow get even more esoteric from there. According to The Outline, Wolfe has claimed that “mushrooms arrived on our planet via the cosmic wind.”

Wolfe’s ideas, in other words, are a melange of some of the craziest ideas the internet has to offer. That he’s one of the top speakers at a conference that also features a former White House official and a sitting congressman gives you a sense of the bizarre moment the pro-Trump right is living in, in which the conspiracy theory internet has been legitimized by the office of the president.

Since Sommer’s reporting, Wolfe’s name has been removed from the lineup on the American Priority conference website. Right Wing Watch inquired for further details using the contact form on Wolfe’s website and will update this piece if we receive a response.

Without Wolfe on the lineup, the conference is now missing a yoga instructor and a supplement salesman who hawks wellness products that rival those by sold by conspiracy theorist huckster Alex Jones on Infowars. One product that Wolfe sold is called “Ormus Gold” and claims to be based on “more than 20 years of research,” according to the web store description. Ormus Gold promised buyers “Increased connectedness to your spiritual side,” and “Powerful lucid dreams.” Another product that is sold out on Wolfe’s web store promised to cleanse parasites from buyers’ digestion tracks if they committed to taking as many as 10 capsules daily.

But perhaps the most puzzling product Wolfe sells is a life-extending potion, which appears to be mostly olive oil mixed with an antioxidant called C60. In a blog post about the nutritional supplement, Wolfe writes that the oil “has the ability to promote longevity” by “neutralizing free radicals in the body, which in turn helps prevent numerous life-threatening diseases.”

“C60’s qualities are borderline miraculous. For example, they manifest the same wave-particle quantum duality as photons of light. They are also superconducting, and can be made into single molecule transistors (transistors are semiconductive amplifiers, detectors and switches). The frequency of this fascinating molecule has been detected in the black space or firmament above us in the night sky,” Wolfe writes about the antioxidant.