Alex Jones Encourages Secret Surveillance Of Restaurant That Asked Sarah Sanders To Leave

Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist radio host responsible for Infowars, encouraged listeners who wanted to “dedicate something to your country” to do secret video surveillance outside the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia because Jones suspected that “the left” would orchestrate a “false flag” attack on the restaurant.

The owner of the Red Hen, a small farm-to-table restaurant in the western part of Virginia, politely asked White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family to leave her restaurant last weekend. Since then, Sanders and President Trump have both tweeted about the incident and the restaurant (like others that share the same name) has been receiving harassment and death threats from right-wing trolls in what Cristina López at Media Matters accurately described as “Pizzagate-style targeted harassment.”

Today on Infowars, Jones joined in and encouraged his listeners to further harass the restaurant.

“If somebody smart—if you want to dedicate something to your country, you need to go sit out in front. I wish I had the money. I’d put [private investigators]—if I had billions of dollars, I would, every day, have teams of P.I.s all over the country. I’d say, ‘Get on this site,’ and I would have P.I.s just watch the Red Hen, show when somebody firebombs it, God forbid, or somebody knocks the windows out, or somebody paints a swastika on the door, we can follow them to their house and you know who they’re going to be, don’t you?” Jones said.

Jones said that if the Red Hen was tarnished or destroyed, it would almost certainly be because of an attack carried out by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League, or anti-fascism protesters.

“I’m telling you. The left is going to hit the Red Hen in the next 48 hours, 99 percent chance. And when they do hit it, we can blow their operation in another devastating victory if somebody just politely goes and sits there and watches it with a camera rolling,” Jones said.