Trump Ally Roger Stone Pushes Claim That Humayun Khan Was A Terrorist, Father A Muslim Brotherhood Spy

UPDATE: Trump campaign adviser Al Baldasaro is also promoting the Shoebats’ incendiary post.

Roger Stone, the conservative activist who has served as Donald Trump’s longtime confidant and political adviser, tweeted a story last night authored by conspiracy theorists Walid and Ted Shoebat alleging that Khizr Khan, the father of a slain Muslim-American soldier who blasted Trump in a speech at the Democratic convention last week, is a Muslim Brotherhood spy and that his late son was an Islamist terrorist.

Trump has repeatedly attacked and smeared Khan and his wife since they publicly criticized his proposed ban on Muslims entering the country, noting that their son, who was born in the United Arab Emirates, wouldn’t have been allowed in the country had Trump been president at the time.

The Shoebats’ conspiratorial article alleges that Khan “is a Muslim Brotherhood agent who wants to advance Sharia law and bring Muslims into the United States” and “a Muslim plant working with the Hillary Clinton campaign.” Walid and Ted Shoebat are both far-right activists. Ted, who is Walid’s son, has called for gay people, Muslim-Americans, Hillary Clinton and others to be put to death by the government, while Walid has said that Jesus Christ would “kill gays,” lashed out at “dumb Jews” and said that only “liberals, idiots and gay lovers” would mourn the recent attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

The Shoebats conclude their article by comparing the Khans’ late son, Humayun, to double agent Ali Mohamed and to Nidal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter, suggesting that he was a terrorist-in-waiting:

In regards to his son, many were the ‘Muslim martyrs’ who joined the US military. Ali Abdul Saoud Mohamed, for example, enlisted in the Special Forces of the US Army; he was a double working for the US and Al-Qaeda.

I can go on and on. Is it likely that Khan’s son was killed before his Islamist mission was accomplished? Only another type of investigation will determine that. Do they ever mention how many soldiers have died because of Muslim traitors? Do they ever bring up how many Christians in the US military were killed? Yet the modernists and homosexuals continue to attack Christians. But soon everything we need to know will be uncovered. As we say in the Middle East: the snow always melts and the sh*t under it will soon be revealed.

Stone also told Alex Jones yesterday that Khizr Khan’s wife, Ghazala, “probably wasn’t allowed to speak” at the convention because of her Islamic faith, a similar attack to one used by Trump in an interview with ABC News.

“The whole criticism of this Muslim father that they put up at the convention is — he has pointed out a truth, that Islam is a culture that does not respect, indeed abuses women,” Stone said.

As Ghazala Khan has explained in several television appearances and an op-ed for the Washington Post, she was unable to speak because she found discussing her son’s death too painful.