Pat Robertson Lies About Trump While Bashing The Media For Lying About Trump

After having spent eight years endlessly spreading false information about President Obama, televangelist Pat Robertson is now outraged that members of the media are supposedly spreading false information about President Trump. Ironically, while claiming that the media is intentionally spreading misinformation in order to attack Trump, Robertson spread misinformation in order to defend him.

On “The 700 Club” today, Robertson fumed about “the garbage that gets written” about Trump, saying that the media is “just not truthful anymore.”

“The journalists are not careful,” he said. “They don’t do their research, they don’t have a background, and they don’t try to get the facts. They pick up something and they run with it. I’ve seen it over and over and over again and it’s sloppy journalism.”

In an effort to prove his point, Robertson cited the controversy over Trump’s comment last month that some of the immigrants who are coming into this country are “animals.” Trump and his supporters claim that he was obviously referring to members of the violent MS-13 gang, but that was anything but obvious from his actual comments.

Robertson, in an effort to bash the media for supposedly falsely reporting on Trump’s comments, ended up falsely reporting on Trump’s comments.

“There wasn’t any question,” Robertson claimed. “Trump said, quote, ‘MS-13 are animals.’ They are vicious killers and he was describing them. The press picked up on that and some writers some writers began to say the president was saying that immigrants are animals. He said no such thing … It was so clear that he was describing a criminal gang of people who are murdering folks.”

Robertson then noted that the same thing happened to Jesus Christ.

“Jesus had his words distorted,” Robertson said. “It’s the same sort of thing that has been going on for 2,000 years.”