Pat Robertson: Opposition To Trump Is ‘Satanic’

In recent days, Pat Robertson has declared that opponents of Donald Trump are enemies of God and God’s plan for America, and he’s been particularly worried about witches who he said are trying to put curses on the president.

Today, a “700 Club” viewer asked him “why so many people do not support” Trump and his drive to “Make America Great Again,” and Robertson again claimed that resistance to Trump is motivated by Satan.

According to Robertson, while Trump’s election represented God giving America a “reprieve” from judgment, Trump’s opponents are doing the bidding of Satan, who wants to destroy America:

There’s a desire on the part of some, and I think it’s satanic, it really is spiritual, to destroy America. America is the great hope of the world. If America goes down, the lamp of freedom goes out. There’s no other champion of freedom anywhere in the world and we would be engulfed in chaos.

We were heading that way. Obama was bringing it on. Another four or eight years of Obama-style government and we would have been consumed with a socialist mentality and the freedom that we’ve enjoyed would be blotted out so God gave us a reprieve and this thing is spiritual. It really is spiritual. We need this land, it’s so important. I counsel you: Pray for this nation, pray for the president, pray for this nation, what’s being done against him surpasses—it’s not human, it’s a spiritual thing.