Pastors Who Vouch for Obama’s Christian Faith Are Just Like Churches Who Gave Cover to Nazis

The last time we wrote about Dave Welch of the U.S. Pastor Council, he was calling on pastors to rise up and save America from the “Fourth Reich of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid”.

But I guess we know a few pastors whose help Welch doesn’t want as he fights off this Nazi-like siege from President Obama … and that would be any pastor, like Kirbyjon Caldwell or Joel Hunter, who vouches for Obama’s Christian faith:

[P]astors like Hunter and Caldwell who serve as spiritual lapdogs to Obama are even more culpable for giving him cover. They are much like the clergy of Hitlerian Germany and the “Positive Christianity” that represented complete acquiescence to and control by the Nazi state.

Welch claims that “neither I, you nor anyone is in complete position to be the judge of whether Obama” is truly a Christian … and then proceeds to state that Obama is not a devout Christian by any stretch of the imagination.