Parsley: The Coming Of The Antichrist Is Near

Rod Parsley continues to emulate Glenn Beck by creating grand and bizarre conspiracy theories that connect all of the world’s problems, saying today in his television series Breakthrough that the Antichrist will soon “step onto the world stage.” Like Beck, who just today said that he thinks “these are the latter days” and that “we are entering a new time,” Parsley believes that the earthquake in Japan and conflict in Libya, Sudan, and North Korea all point to the coming of the End Times.

But even more importantly, Parsley claims that the media is engaging in a massive cover-up of a growing agricultural crisis as drought, disease, and plagues “bring about a global famine.” Once the world’s food supply crashes, Parsley contends, the Antichrist will step in to take control of the food supply and become the world’s new “Supreme Leader.”