Organizers of Pro-Trump Prayer Rally Claim That Majority Support for LGBTQ Equality Shows Need for National Repentance

End Times author Jonathan Cahn (Image from video posted to Cahn's YouTube channel March 20, 2020)

End Times author Jonathan Cahn, who is organizing a pro-Trump “sacred assembly” on the National Mall in September, claimed in a commentary for the Christian Broadcasting Network Thursday that the approximately two-to-one support for marriage equality among Americans is evidence of the kind of national repentance that “The Return” rally will supposedly provide.

Public support for marriage equality is among “16 facts that prove America is in deep, deep trouble,” Cahn and his co-organizer Kevin Jessip wrote in the CBN commentary, which was pushed by CBN News on social media. Other reasons included legal abortion, drug use, STDs, internet porn, wasteful government spending, and the complexity of the federal tax code.

Those 16 items were marshaled as evidence for Cahn and Jessip’s claim that there are four reasons “why ‘The Return’ is so critical and why the time is now”:

  • The course that America and much of the world is on
  • The upcoming election
  • The shaking of the virus
  • The need for world revival

As Right Wing Watch has reported, Cahn’s event is being promoted heavily by religious-right political and media figures. Cahn has said that Trump is playing a role in God’s End Times plan and that “The Return” could be a “pivot point” in the 2020 presidential election and could help spark an End Times spiritual revival.

“Revival is not coming through the prayer closet, revival’s coming through the ballot box,” said religious-right political operative Mark Gonzales during an online promotion for “The Return” in April.

Jessip, Cahn’s co-organizer, has promoted a video connecting Trump to prophecy and the QAnon conspiracy theory.