Operation Rescue Hypes QAnon ‘Blockbuster Intel Drop’ About Planned Parenthood

Cheryl Sullenger (Screenshot: AnglicanTV Ministries via YouTube)

Over the past few months, the radical anti-choice group Operation Rescue has fallen farther and farther down the rabbit hole of “The Storm,” a far-ranging right-wing conspiracy theory centered on an anonymous 8chan poster known as QAnon, who adherents believe is a high-ranking Trump administration official dropping clues to future administration actions.

On Tuesday, Operation Rescue vice president Cheryl Sullenger posted an article on the group’s website headlined “Blockbuster Intel Drop Reveals Trump is Trying to ‘End’ Planned Parenthood – Twitter Attempts Censorship” in which she claims that a cryptic message from QAnon is a message from a “small group of insiders” close to the president that the administration is working to take down Planned Parenthood:

It’s been called the highest level of intelligence to ever be dropped publicly in our known history. The source? A small group of insiders close to President Donald J. Trump that have chosen to reveal this unprecedented intelligence on an obscure message board under the mysterious initial “Q.”

Over the weekend, Q, also known as Qanon, turned its attention once again to Planned Parenthood.

She cites a March 10 QAnon post referencing congressional investigations into Planned Parenthood that said “We are working to END. EVIL. Not as it appears”:

This information that the Trump administration is working to “END” Planned Parenthood is welcome news to pro-life activists who have wondered if there would ever be prosecutions of Planned Parenthood over their illegal profit-taking from the remains of aborted babies.

But the news comes with a grim warning. “Not as it appears.”

Could it be that the investigation into Planned Parenthood stumbled upon something bigger than just the callous illegal trade in human remains?

There is more than meets the eye to Planned Parenthood and their connections to highly placed individuals who are seemingly steeped in political corruption.

As Q put it, Planned Parenthood is “Not as it appears.”

But how do we know the Qanon intelligence is real? Remarkably, the Q posts have been repeatedly confirmed by breaking news headlines, and even by President Trump himself through the repeating of Q language in Twitter and in his speeches. Only someone near the President would have foreknowledge of his tweets and speech texts.

“How many coincidences before it becomes mathematically impossible?” Q has asked.

If Q’s March 10 Planned Parenthood post is indeed correct, we should be grateful for the Trump administration’s historic efforts to shut Planned Parenthood’s corrupt enterprise down. Perhaps the Department of Justice investigation into Planned Parenthood’s alleged crimes, launched by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is about to bear fruit.

Considering the depths of evil that has compelled Planned Parenthood to brutally kill millions of human babies in the most barbaric of ways – and the influence they have had on other human rights abusers throughout their hundred-year history – the end of Planned Parenthood cannot come soon enough.

Sullenger also claims that Twitter tried to censor her messages about Planned Parenthood, saying she had trouble posting articles on the site.