Operation Rescue Latches On To ‘The Storm’

Over the last few months, a conspiracy theory called “The Storm” has been percolating in the murkiest of right-wing fever swamps. The idea, as Kyle explained last week, is that “an anonymous 8chan forum board poster known only as ‘QAnon’ is actually a high-ranking official within the Trump administration—or possibly even Trump himself—who is slowly leaking out clues” about a conspiracy involving a “global ring of cannibalistic satanic pedophiles.”

You might think this would all be a little off brand for Operation Rescue, the radical anti-abortion protest group, but the group’s senior vice president, Cheryl Sullenger, doesn’t seem to think so. Sullenger has now authored two posts for the group’s website that draw attention to posts by QAnon, while never explicitly endorsing the conspiracy theories surrounding the account.

Earlier this month, Sullenger was delighted to discover that QAnon had posted a message about a reported Justice Department investigation into unproven allegations—which originated in part with Operation Rescue—about Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue donation practices. Even while gently mocking the “conspiracy theorists” who “are having a hay-day thanks to ‘Qanon,’” Sullenger examined the “clues” left in the poster’s message about Planned Parenthood. She tacked on a statement from Operation Rescue president Troy Newman thanking “Q and the Trump Administration” for bringing attention to the issue:

“We are grateful to Q and the Trump Administration for taking the evidence against Planned Parenthood seriously and bringing it to the attention of an audience that may otherwise never have been exposed to the truth. We hope the Qanon exposure helps wake up Americans to the barbarity of abortion,” said Newman. “Planned Parenthood is a corrupt enterprise that makes their money off the backs of dead babies and taxpayers. We urge Congress to defund Planned Parenthood immediately, and are praying for their speedy prosecution.”

Then, today, Sullenger was back with more news from 8chan, reporting that QAnon is urging its followers to unleash a tweet storm to support President Trump’s “Fake News Awards” tomorrow, which Sullenger said she expected will become a “tweet war of Biblical proportions” as “trolls and Trump-bashers” join in. “Whether you believe the Q posts are legitimate intelligence being leaked to the people from the highest levels, or whether you think Q is a LARP (live action role play), it doesn’t really matter,” she concluded, saying that the real victims of the mainstream media are the babies and offering up a few “#FakeNews” memes to share during the tweet storm:

President Trump has announced that on Wednesday, January 17, 2018, he will hold #FakeNewsAwards.

There is expected to be a huge tweet storm about it under several hashtags, including #FakeNews, #FakeNewsAwards, #GreatAwakening, #WeThePeople, and others. Of course, the trolls and Trump-bashers are expected to be out in full force as well.

Those that have been following the #Qanon posts have been asked to create memes that express truths that have been misreported or ignored by the Main Stream Media (MSM) and call them out for their dishonest reporting.

This is supposed to be a tweet war of Biblical proportions with folks joined together in a concerted effort to break through to the masses with the truth about governmental corruption, human trafficking, and even Planned Parenthood. #Qanon mentioned Planned Parenthood on January 7, 2018, saying, “These people are SICK,” which sparked a lot of online interest in Planned Parenthood and its baby parts trafficking scheme.

Whether you are following the #Qanon posts or not really doesn’t matter. Whether you believe the Q posts are legitimate intelligence being leaked to the people from the highest levels, or whether you think Q is a LARP (live action role play), it doesn’t really matter.

Nothing suffers from the MSM pro-abortion Fake News like the pro-life cause. That means babies suffer! Pro-life supporters and viewpoints are maligned and vilified while the MSM repeats all of PP’s lies and practically fund-raises for them with their glowing articles.