Of Course Frank Gaffney Loves The Bonkers NSC ‘Political Warfare’ Memo

Frank Gaffney

Yesterday, Foreign Policy released a copy of a memo that former National Security Council staffer Rich Higgins wrote that led him and a number of other NSC officials to be pushed out by National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster. In it, Higgins warned that the Trump administration is under attack by a “cultural Marxist” coalition including the mainstream media, the “deep state,” “global corporatists and bankers” and the leadership of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Higgins concluded that Trump is “surrounded by political opposition both inside and outside of his wire” in the same way that President Lincoln was: “Had Lincoln failed, so too would have the Republic.”

The memo reads like presidential adviser Steve Bannon wrote it at a slumber party with the Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, who has long been a go-to source for conspiracy theories about “cultural Marxist” and Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the U.S. government. So it makes sense that Gaffney devoted his “Secure Freedom Minute” radio update today to extolling the Higgins memo as “required reading,” calling Higgins “one of the most brilliant and patriotic public servants I have ever met” and once again calling for Trump to fire McMaster:

The document’s alarming depiction of a multi-dimensional campaign to take down the President of the United States, backed by rigorous analysis, makes clear that the man deserving termination is not Rich Higgins, but the general who punished him – and, thereby, tried to suppress his warning.

The Center for Security Policy has promoted Higgins’ warnings before, posting the audio last June of an appearance he made on Sean Hannity’s radio program alongside DHS staffer turned right-wing media stalwart Philip Haney. In it, Higgins made a number of allegations that would be familiar to anybody who follows Gaffney’s work, claiming that under the Obama administration, “When you look at the deliberate decision-making process of the United States government as it relates to radical Islam, that deliberate decision-making process is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

In another segment of the Hannity program, Higgins claimed that “the left in the United States is doing the job of our enemy”:

To bring it back to the point earlier about the United States being put to work fulfilling the objectives of the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was killed en masse by Sadam Hussein; we removed him. Qaddafi killed the Muslim Brotherhood; we removed him. We asked Mubarak to go, Ben Ali, Saleh. We are their instrument because they control our deliberate decision-making process. And then in reaction to the terrorist attacks here, which I’m not sure the Muslim Brotherhood actually wants to have happen here, I think they’d much rather see us sort of passively managed rather than awoken like we are right now…we see the left in the United States is doing the job of our enemy. The left is the tool they’re using to have thought and speech controlled.