Frank Gaffney Uses Radio Show To Push Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory

Frank Gaffney

The Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney, who was an adviser to Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign and was reported to have assisted President Trump’s transition team, used his “Secure Freedom Radio” program on Tuesday to, in part, provide a platform for conservative writer Diana West to advance conspiracy theories around the murder of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

After an interview with Republican Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah, Gaffney spoke with West, a frequent guest on his program, about the recent Senate questioning of former FBI director James Comey regarding his communications with Trump on inquiries involving Russian meddling in the election.

West said that there was “a sense of kabuki theater” that “perpetuates what looks to me like a terrible cover-up of what actually happened at the DNC that I think, personally, James Comey is perfectly mindful of.”  The hearing, she said, showed “the extent to which President Trump has no friends on the Hill.”

When Gaffney asked West to discuss a potential “alternative source” of leaks of DNC emails that may be a “more compelling explanation than ‘the Russians did it,’” West launched into a discussion of Rich, whose murder she has written about extensively on the website of Family Security Matters, which is linked to CSP. Rich’s family has begged Fox News and other conservative outlets to stop spreading unfounded conspiracy theories about his death.

“So what is very strange about all of this, is how can you even have an investigation into this whole affair without airing this, without looking at this, without asking questions about this?” she said, praising Fox’s Sean Hannity for “doing due diligence as a journalist” on the story despite being attacked by an “army of the left.”