Obama Made Tech Companies Ditch Alex Jones, Says Rick Wiles

End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles used his television program last night to say that the recent move by various websites to remove content from Alex Jones and his Inforwars network from their platforms is exactly why he warned Christians to stay away from Jones, asserting that now that the process has started, it is going to be used as justification for further crackdowns on other right-wing media outlets like his TruNews network.

Wiles, ever the conspiracy theorist, asserted that the moves by platforms like Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, and iTunes to remove Jones’ content was actually orchestrated by Barack Obama.

“They all got the phone call over the weekend from Barack Hussein Obama saying, ‘Here is the next step in the resistance movement,'” he said. “Barack Obama is managing the whole Resist Trump movement.”

“What they’ve done is taken the most outrageous, indefensible person that you can find and they made him the poster child to eradicate the First Amendment,” Wiles warned. “Because who wants to be seen defending Alex Jones? Nobody in their right mind … This is why I’m trying to tell Christians to get away from Alex Jones! He’s going to hurt all us!”

“I believe he contributed to the mental instability, mental illness among people listening to his program,” Wiles said. “I used to tell Christians, ‘Do not listen to him three hours a day, you’re going to develop mental illness because you are opening your ears to somebody who is …. not mentally, emotionally, spiritually stable.”