Not Being Allowed To Carry A Weapon Everywhere Makes E.W. Jackson ‘Feel Utterly Naked And Vulnerable’

Religious Right activist and right-wing pastor E.W. Jackson, who is seeking the Republican nomination to challenge Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine in November, released a new campaign video yesterday in which fires several shots from a handgun and declares that not being allowed to carry a weapon makes him “feel utterly naked and vulnerable.”

While standing in a wooded area, Jackson pulled his gun from its holster and fired off several rounds before turning to the camera and declaring that he tries “to carry my gun everywhere I go” but that “when I’m told that there are towns and cities and states where I’m not allowed to practice my 2nd Amendment rights, I feel like my rights are being violated.”

“What if some nutcase, some evil person decides he’s going to kill a bunch of innocent people and I happen to be in the crowd?” Jackson asked. “I’d have no ability to defend myself or any of the innocent people who might be there. I’d feel utterly naked and vulnerable.”

Jackson pledged that if he is elected to the U.S Senate, he will “make sure that you can carry your gun everywhere you go” because “it’s your God-given right and it’s secured by the Constitution and law abiding citizens should not have that right infringed.”