E.W. Jackson Tells Black Christians That Democrats ‘Hate Your Guts’

Religious Right activist and failed Virginia lieutenant governor E.W. Jackson dedicated his “The Awakening” radio program today to railing against those who are criticizing gospel singer Kim Burrell for a sermon she delivered in which she railed against the “perverted homosexual spirit.”

Jackson was aghast that a “bunch of godless atheist secularists” criticized Burrell for something that she said in church and used the controversy to deliver a warning to African American Christians that the “Demon-crat” party hates their guts.

“If you are a Christian and you happen to be black, these Democrats and liberals hate your guts, if you are a Bible-believing Christian,” he said. “Now, if you are a wishy-washy, don’t half-believe anything and aren’t willing to stand up for anything, you’ll be okay with them. Of course, now God will spew you out of His mouth, but you’ll be in with the Hollywood crowd and you’ll be in with the liberal crowd and everybody will like you because basically you’re so wishy-washy that you’re about like warm spit. So, yeah, they’re going to love you, they’re going to love you. But if you’re a Bible-believing Christian who is on fire for God and you believe that His word is true and you believe that you have a responsibility to stand on the word God, that it is the final authority in all matters of faith, morality and practice, they hate your guts. Don’t you let anybody kid you.”

Jackson followed that up by noting that, as a result of her comments, Burrell’s scheduled appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” was cancelled, saying that no Christian should be watching DeGeneres’ show in the first place because apparently she’s a woman “who thinks she’s a man.”

“I guess Ellen DeGeneres would say she’s a woman but she likes other women,” Jackson said. “To me, folks, it’s just confusion. ‘Cause look, here’s the reality, if a woman is a lesbian and likes women, say masculine-type women, why wouldn’t you just like a man? So, to me, the whole thing is just confusion, that’s all, and the Bible says it’s confusion.”

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