Nick Fuentes: Racial Hostility Toward Minorities a Fair ‘Trade Off’ to End ‘White Genocide’

Nicholas Fuentes, an Illinois-based white nationalist, asserted that allowing violent hostility toward ethnic minorities is a fair trade-off for ending what he believes to be a “white genocide” happening in America.

Fuentes is a young white nationalist who doesn’t like to be identified as such, even though he admitted it would “be descriptive” to describe him that way, for fear of the stigma he may face. Fuentes attended the “Unite the Right” white supremacist rally in 2016 and spoke at this year’s gathering of members of the white nationalist group American Renaissance. Recently, he and white nationalist activist James Allsup encouraged their fans to run for local Republican political office.

Last week, Fuentes took calls on an episode of his podcast and one caller, who identified himself as an “ethnically Jewish” person, asked Fuentes whether he was worried that if white nationalists achieve the power they seek, that ethnic minority could face violence or even the potential of genocide. Fuentes said he didn’t believe genocide would be unavoidable but said hostility toward minorities was “almost inevitable.”

“Basically what you’re saying is that to end white genocide, to restore traditional white society, that would bring with it inertia. And the excesses of that would be real xenophobia, real hostility toward perceived or real outsiders,” Fuentes told the caller. “That if we had the restoration of a core American identity centered around ethnicity and race, well, we would tend to regard not-whites as outsiders and there might be backlash against them. To me, that’s almost inevitable and you’re basically right about that.”

He added, “However, I would take the excesses of that as opposed to the excesses of this, you know, in the sense that right now, when we have no identity and it’s just gang-rape on America by the third-world. It’s horrible. Everybody loses. … Would you see hostility on the periphery? I think you would see that in small percentages.”

“I think you would see a small increase in that, but to me, when we’re looking at society, when we’re looking at these larger trends, we have to talk about trade-offs,” Fuentes said, blaming “the current regime” for crime and a decrease in average IQ (white supremacists believe white people are genetically predisposed to be more intelligent, which is bogus). “I would definitely trade-off, and maybe that’s because I’m on the inside.”

Later during the call, Fuentes said that racial minorities who don’t like experiencing racism should leave the United States.

“If you have a big problem with that, you should go where your people are,” Fuentes said. “Look, all these blacks, it’s all they do is complain about white supremacy and racist and so on. There’s a whole continent where you would never have to experience racism, but they don’t want to go there. And the same is true with the Hispanics. … There’s a whole country. It’s called Mexico. It’s great, south of the border. And Jewish people, all they do is kvetch in every country, England, Europe, America.”