New Infowars Host DeAnna Lorraine Defends Alex Jones on Sandy Hook

Trump cultist, QAnon conspiracy theorist, and failed congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine appeared on the Bobby Pickles Podcast yesterday, where she announced that she is moving to Texas to become a host on extremist conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars network. During the program, Lorraine and host Robert Piccirillo praised Jones and defended his coverage of the 2012 Sandy Hook mass shooting, for which Jones is currently facing multiple lawsuits.

Lorraine said that she originally went to Austin to host a few special programs for Infowars during the Republican National Convention, but so impressed Jones that he decided to give her a nightly program.

“Three days turned into seven days, and then that turned into, ‘Let’s do a show.’ Let’s do my own nighttime show over there and go through the election and then afterwards,” Lorraine said. “So now I’m really excited. I got a show on Infowars.”

Later in the podcast, Lorraine said that she was excited to work with Jones because even though people call him a crazy conspiracy theorist, he’s right “95 percent” of the time. Piccirillo, who was wearing a Proud Boys hat and a shirt supporting Kyle Rittenhouse, agreed, noting that the only “blemish” on Jones’ record was his coverage of Sandy Hook, which prompted Lorraine to come to Jones’ defense.

“I also don’t blame him,” Lorraine said. “If you look at all the coverage and the footage of what happened there, if you look at all the facts surrounding the issue, the event, everything, and the witnesses, and the stories, it’s understandable why he would say that and why he would be led to that conclusion.”

“They will do anything to smear and censor and stifle anyone that actually tells the truth,” she continued. “I would say at least 95 percent of the time, the things that he’s done, the predictions he’s made—especially now with masks and vaccines and what the real agenda is behind this coronavirus and everything. I mean, it’s all coming to light right now. So I want to work for someone and I want to be having a platform where I can be fully uncensored, fully tell the truth, and report the news without being worried about getting banned or getting censored and everything.”