Narrowing the Agenda, Expanding the Mailing List

Just a few weeks ago we were noting that, during the GOP primary, we kept hearing about the emergence of a “new evangelical” movement, led by the likes of Mike Hucakabee, that cared about issues beyond the standard anti-gay, anti-abortion right-wing agenda. We then noted that, when it comes to crunch time, people like Huckabee inevitably revert to form by playing the “God, guns, and gays” card in an effort to bolster the GOP’s electoral chances.

Now, with the election only two weeks away, Huckabee seems to be narrowing the agenda even further and is currently seeking 100,000 signatures for his new “Sanctity of Life” petition:   

I have no doubt that the Democrats’ ideas are totally wrong for America and many of their plans would take us the opposite direction from where America needs to go.

Led by Senator Obama, the Majority of the Democrat Party in the House and Senate support the most liberal and indefensible positions on abortion, including a refusal to support a ban on the most vile form of all, partial birth abortion. Led by Senator Obama these Democrats are actively pushing for what the anti-life forces euphemistically call “reproductive rights.”

Against them, we must rally every American that seeks to protect and cherish life. I urge you to sign the Petition below and ask your friends and family to do the same.

Frankly, this smacks mainly of an effort by Huckabee to do little more than boost his own mailing list … perhaps as he begins to start thinking about his own 2012 presidential campaign.