Mike Heath: There Is a ‘Direct Correlation’ Between Sodom and Gomorrah and America Today

On yesterday’s episode of “Americans For Truth Live,” co-host Mike Heath and guest Dan Fisher asserted that they are “beginning to see a direct correlation” between what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah and what is happening in America today.

Heath, a longtime anti-LGBTQ activist from Maine, declared that what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah was that “you had a male gang come together and do violence against divinity,” and claimed that the same thing is now happening in America.

“If you think about America today, we’re starting to see guys … who are on the streets as part of Antifa or whatever,” Heath said, “and the violence is becoming more and more extreme in public. So we’re beginning to see a direct correlation between what actually happened [in Sodom], and a lot of times, that violence is aimed—maybe a little bit indirectly at this point, but I think it’s becoming more direct—at Christianity.”

Fisher, a radical Religious Right activist in his own right, wholeheartedly agreed.

“There is no question about it,” Fisher said. “When you read the story in Genesis about Lot and the angels who came to visit him, these men are wanting to rape these angels … That just shows you the kind of violent sexuality that this produces. It’s a lawless kind of wickedness that we haven’t ever seen in this country before, but it’s beginning to show.”