Midterms About Saving Religious Freedom, Keeping Government Out of Satan’s Hands, Says Rep. Mike Bost

Rep. Mike Bost delivering cards with prayers, scripture, and word of encouragement for President Trump (Photo shared by Bost on Facebook)

Rep. Mike Bost, a Republican who represents Illinois’ 12th congressional district, said on Intercessors for America’s Friday afternoon prayer call for the midterm elections that “true believers” are motivated by the threat that a government controlled by Satan could put an end to their freedom to worship and praise God.

Intercessors for America is a Trump-supporting group that normally holds a monthly prayer call, but it has recently shifted to weekly calls in the run-up to the midterm elections. Bost, who was first elected to Congress in 2014, was interviewed by IFA’s Dave Kubal and led several rounds of prayer for the elections. “We’re at a turning point in this nation,” said Bost.

“We have been blessed, all of us, by being raised in a nation that a majority, or was a majority, of those people know and understand and serve our Lord Jesus Christ,” Bost said. But “what we’re facing now is a turmoil of groups that would say we are not a Judeo-Christian-believing nation,” he said, “and that they’re trying every way in the world to step away from that.”

In his prayer, Bost portrayed politics, and the 2018 midterms in particular, as a struggle between those who love Jesus and those who follow Satan:

Lord God, we know that you raise leaders, and you take leaders out … We ask that you intercede at this time that these elections fall truly in your hands …

Motivate us. Send us out as your warriors, send others out. Call up your armies, call up your chosen, to come forward to make sure that what is going on is done in accordance with your will … you, God, must take control of this …

We just ask you now to take control, to take total control of these elections. that you call up the people that you would have to move forward, to vote, to stop and block any of Satan’s work, any of his demons’ work, and anything that would be a lie, and block that …

Kubal echoed Bost, praying that God would “move dramatically” in the midterm elections.

When Kubal asked Bost what is motivating people to vote, Bost said it was fear that a government controlled by Satan could eliminate people’s freedom to worship and praise God:

I think the thing that motivates our base, those people who are true believers, is the thought that our system of government would change, that we would actually lose the ability, through the liberal takeover, of our ability of our freedom of our faith to worship and praise wherever we are and fall under entrapment like other countries that you don’t feel comfortable praising your God and worshiping and that freedom would be taken away because you don’t fit into their mold.

Bost led prayers that God would protect freedom by raising up his people:

Lord, please, please, please. Lord, we ask you and beg you to raise your people up, that they will not allow that freedom to be taken away. That they will rise up and stand and not be ashamed or embarrassed or afraid of what the others, those that are led by another god or no god at all, that they are being led to try to—by Satan himself—to try to overrun those who are your sheep.

Bost noted that there are many issues that will be affected by the outcome of the election, saying that if Americans follow God then He will take care of those issues.

But if we are being blocked by a government, and by Satan that’s controlling the government, and not having the ability to come before you publicly and praise your name on every street and every street corner and every church, Lord God, we want to hold fast to the fact that our forefathers put us in a place where we are free and willing and able to worship you.”

IFA has helped Bost’s wife Tracy, who was on the prayer call in June, collect more than 2,000 postcards containing a prayer, scripture passage or word of encouragement for President Trump.