Trump’s ‘Softness’ Shows Prayer Is Changing Him, Says Congressional Wife Who Sends Him Prayer Cards

Tracy Bost, wife of Rep. Mike Bost (R-IL). (Image from video posted by Intercessors for America)

Intercessors for America, which encourages conservative Christians to pray for the country and to get involved in political campaigns on behalf of “godly” candidates, held its monthly prayer call on Friday afternoon. It featured Tracy Bost, wife of Rep. Mike Bost, a Republican who has represented Illinois’ 12th Congressional District since January 2015.

On the call, Tracy Bost talked about the challenges of political life for elected officials and their marriages and families and encouraged intercessors to call local elected officials’ offices to let them know they’re being prayed for.

She also talked about a project that she said God had placed on her heart: to collect cards of encouragement for President Trump:

Right after he was elected, there was a lot of negativity, and I felt like for myself, I had prayed that God would give us a second chance as America, that He would put the person that He willed to be there for us, for our good, and it was Donald Trump. And because I had connected in prayer for him, I felt like it was my obligation to continue to encourage him. And so God just placed on my heart just a simple act to have prayer cards made. And I was just thinking of recipe cards in women’s kitchens, and index cards in Sunday School classes. And I just asked and encouraged people that would just to simply write a prayer or a scripture of encouragement to the president.

She far surpassed her original goal of 100 cards for his first 100 days. Since then, Intercessors for America has joined in the effort, and has collected more than 1000 postcards that they give to Bost, which she passes along to the White House. She says President Trump told her husband face-to-face that the cards go to him, sometimes multiple times a day, and he is reading them.

Bost said that she is grateful that she can speak life and hope into the president—“I’ve just been blown away by what God has done”—and she believes the cards are changing Trump:

I think we can see in his facial expressions and sometimes his softness, that prayer is really beginning to change our president, and I think it’s making him very aware of God in his everyday life and his every moment of his day life. And I think that’s huge and impactful for our nation.

The IFA call was promoted with an undated video featuring Tracy Bost that was identified as having been produced by the Heritage Foundation. The video highlights short interviews with Christian members of Congress and staff talking about what gave them hope and how people could pray for them.

That video features an unexpectedly poignant remark from then-Rep. Trent Franks, who resigned in December after being accused of asking two female staffers to act as pregnancy surrogates for him and his wife.

“This is a very challenging environment to say the very least, and I ask people to pray that somehow God would help me do what I was called to do here and that, you know, we wouldn’t somehow mess it up or somehow, you know, fail the calling that we have.”