Michele Bachmann Is Heading A Right-Wing Mission To The UN In Preparation For The End Times

Following her introduction by right-wing pastor Jim Garlow as his church’s “new pastor to the United Nations,” former Rep. Michele Bachmann preached during an afternoon service at Garlow’s Skyline Church last weekend, where she explained that this mission is vitally important because the return of Jesus Christ is imminent.

“I believe that God is starting a new thing,” she said, “and because the time is short before Christ comes again to this earth, He is giving everyone one more chance.”

Bachmann explained that her new ministry to the UN is a vital part of preparing the world for the End Times just “as the clock is striking 11:59 on God’s time clock and as history is culminating as read in Revelation.”

“There was an attempt in the book of Genesis for all of the nations to come together and to raise a fist against God in pride and arrogance,” she said. “It was called the Tower of Babel and God dispersed the people at the Tower of Babel. Never again did all the nations of the earth come together until the League of Nations under President Woodrow Wilson. That broke up, it didn’t work and then we had World War II and the UN was started and it’s been an organization that has had a lot of negative repercussions because it is not under a holy authority of a mighty God and there’s been vain imaginations of raising a fist again against an almighty God.”