Michele Bachmann Declares U.S. is God’s Kingdom, Tells Satan to Take His Hands off Voting Booths, Prays for ‘the Whole Enchilada’

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann praying for midterm elections at Rise Up 2018.

Former U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann was featured at Religious Right gatherings held over the weekend and on Monday to pray for conservative victories in the midterm elections. Like other speakers, she depicted Trump’s victory two years ago as a divine reprieve, and asked God to intervene again in this year’s elections.

On Sunday night, Bachmann strode back and forth across the stage at the “Shift America” gala being held at a hotel near the U.S. Capitol:

This isn’t about political parties. This is about whether or not we are going to yield ourselves to a mighty Godfor his sovereignty, for his glory, for his power, and whether or not this nation will continue to reflect his biblical values from this shining city on the hill, all across the world. That’s the only reason that this nation has been singularly blessed throughout the entirety of its life.

She attributed the U.S. rise as a global superpower to Harry Truman putting the country on a “pathway to blessing” by recognizing the state of Israel, and said Trump did the same thing by moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. Sounding quite a bit like Trump himself, Bachmann said:

We are privileged to be here in this city as proxies for his huge election that is about to happen. Because just like two years ago, when we asked God for a reprieve in this country, he gave us a reprieve. We’ve had unparalleled growthnever seen growth like we’ve seen over the last two years in this country. You’d never know it listening to the radio or looking at news sources, but it’s been unparalleled what’s happened.

On Monday, at the Rise Up 2018 event held at Harry Jackson’s Hope Christian Church just outside D.C. in Beltsville, Maryland, Bachmann got to her knees on the stage to pray that there would be “a shift in the heavenlies” that would enable “a shift in the natural tomorrow at the polling place.” She dismissed the “mockers” and “scoffers” in the media who have been declaring “prophecies of doom on election day” but who are nervous “at the eleventh hour” because “they recognize that today is a day of the shift.”

Excerpts of her prayer, in which she asked God to give Americans another reprieve:

Because, Lord, we ask that none but godly men and women would rule. We ask you for those godly men and women, oh Lord God almighty, we ask that you would do what no man thought could be done. Lord, they have started some of the voting in some of the states, but tomorrow is going to be the whole enchilada. And so, Father, we ask in the midst of that voting, that your will would prevail. …

You have a purpose and a plan for the United States of America. And we say nothing will thwart your plan for this country. And that’s why we come before you and say, ‘Satan, you will be bound in Jesus’ name. You will be bound, you and your minions, and you will not prevail in this election.’

We pray, oh God, against deception. We pray against delusion. We pray against every vile dart of the enemy that is thrown against the church of the Lord our God, and we say you will not prevail.

And instead we loose the holy angels of your kingdom to go about on assignment, to and fro across this nation, from Maine to International Falls, Minnesota, to Seattle, down to San Diego, and down to Miami, to Brownsville, Texas, all down the Mississippi, across this nation, that you would send your angels, Father, to bring about righteousness and holiness and justice.

And that you would confound the one who comes to kill, steal and destroy. There will be no killing tomorrow. There will be no stealing tomorrow. There will be no destroying tomorrow.

We are reclaiming this nation for the kingdom of Almighty God. We reclaim this kingdom. You cannot have this kingdom, Satan, this is God’s kingdom. And we preach that into every voting booth in this nation. That is not your territory, Satan. Get your hands off of every ballot and every voting booth!

And instead, Lord, you go in there. You take your people in there. Take your holy people in there to cast a holy ballot, a ballot that would honor your name.