Michael Savage: Trump’s Transition Has Been A ‘Nightmare’ For Conservatives Who Thought He’d Keep His Promises

On Tuesday, right-wing radio host Michael Savage lashed out at Donald Trump for meeting with the “vermin, dirt bag, psychopath” Kanye West at Trump Tower.

Savage said that while he stands by his strong support for Trump, who was a frequent guest on his show during his presidential campaign, he has been disappointed by Trump’s meetings with West, Al Gore and Leonardo DiCaprio and his appointments of establishment Republicans to his administration. Savage was especially aggrieved by conservatives who have said that when Trump promised to build a border wall he didn’t actually mean a literal wall.

“I’m waking up and it seems to be a nightmare,” Savage said. “One day after another, they seem to be tilting so far away from what they promised that it’s hard to even remember what it is that he promised.”