Michael Savage: God Is Using Me To Help Bring Donald Trump To Power

Declaring himself to be “the antidote to Obama’s ‘America last’ policy,” right-wing radio host Michael Savage urged his listeners on Monday to pray that Barack Obama’s presidency is “the last stop on the train of progressivism, communism and socialism.”

According to Savage, Obama has been sowing national discord not only to further his objective of destroying America but also to thwart a future Donald Trump presidency.

Savage said that former Attorney General Erick Holder “turned the mobs on the police” and that Holder’s successor, Loretta Lynch, is similarly “encouraging the mobs” and “threatening the police” in order to justify “the federalization of our police forces.” When the Obama administration takes over local police departments, Savage said, law enforcement agents will ignore terrorists and treat “Americans as the enemy.”

He added that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will forcibly disarm Americans by eliminating the Second Amendment.

“So you have a disarmed population and a federal police force, what you have is an instant Cuba,” Savage added. “Instant Cuba in a skirt. You have Fidel Castro in a dress. Her name is Hillary Clinton.” Savage, however is still convinced that Donald Trump will defeat Clinton “in a landslide”—“no matter how many illegal aliens Obama tries to flood into our country.”

Following Trump’s election, Savage predicted, Obama will deliberately destroy the economy: “If Trump wins, and I think he will, there will be an economic crash and the reason I say that is not because of his policies but because of what Obama will do on the way out the door.”

Savage is so convinced that Trump will win the presidency that he repeated his claim that there is “a spiritual hand” at work in the mogul’s campaign, agreeing with a caller who said that God is using his radio program to promote Trump’s ideas and candidacy. Savage said he “had an epiphany” and believes that God is indeed using him to save America by aiding Trump, knowing that the country is “finished” if “Ms. Pantsuit” becomes president.

“The woman is a dictator, the woman has an anger and a hatred in her that pours out of everything that she does and says,” Savage said. “She is dividing races, sexes, classes. She will be the third term of Obama but far more damaging than he has ever been. She will finish off the other amendments; she’ll go One through Five.”