Michael Savage: Donald Trump Is The Victim Of Racism

Last week on “The Savage Nation,” right-wing radio host Michael Savage continued to promote Donald Trump’s presidential bid, lamenting that “there is a high degree of racism against Donald Trump.”

And who are these anti-Trump racists? Why, they’re “the deviants, the perverts, the intellectual haters of America, the losers who are jealous of anybody who has succeeded,” Savage explained.

“A tremendous degree of racism is being directed at Donald Trump and he is expressing certainly no racial issues, none whatsoever; he is expressing nationalist issues, not racist issues,” Savage said. “But the perverted, deviant left is so twisted in their thinking that anyone who stands up for our borders, our language and our culture is to these sickos a racist.”

He said that these liberals “hate Trump” more than murderers, rapists and Al Qaeda terrorists “because liberalism is a mental disorder.”

“Hillary Clinton is the race-hater,” Savage, said, claiming that she is “winning votes with vile race games” and represents “a danger to our survival.”

“Any white person who votes for Hillary Clinton is basically digging their own grave and throwing the lime into the pit,” he said. “You’re digging your own grave because she is steaming up non-white people against whites” and “blames white people for everything that’s wrong with America and the world.”

Anti-American liberals and “Third World” immigrants, he continued, “hate Donald Trump” because “they fear the real American man standing up.”

Savage also defended Trump’s plan to sue journalists who write articles he doesn’t like and was particularly upset with Rachel Maddow: “Rachel Maddow is a snickering, snide human being who is full of insecurities, she despises herself, it’s obvious by her sophomoric innuendos at every turn. She represents everything wrong with America. Trump represents everything right with America: a rich man who made it on his own.”

Journalists who spread “the KKK smear” about Trump, Savage said, “should be arrested for what they’re doing.”

“I agree with him, there should be libel lawsuits against guys like Jake Tapper, in my opinion,” he said. “If there were libel laws that permitted you to sue people who smear you, guys like Jake Tapper would be in prison, they’d be in the poor house.”

He also ranted that “all the Europeans who fled Hitler came here and the first thing they did was poison the youth, the minds of the youth; instead of thanking America for taking them in, they poisoned the youth” with “socialism” and “anti-Americanism.”