Megan Barth: Was Omarosa Working For NBC While Taping White House Conversations?

Right-wing commentator Megan Barth appeared on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program yesterday, where she suggested that former Trump administration advisor Omarosa Manigault Newman was actually working for NBC when she secretly recorded conversations with other White House staff.

Barth, the proprietor of the website, told host Perry Atkinson that she suspected that Manigault Newman had been “coached” to spy on the Trump administration at the behest of NBC.

“I have to ask: Who did she work for? Was it NBC?” Barth wondered. “Because I just find the whole entire type of spy operation that she was conducting on his president, I find it very odd that she would take this upon herself and wasn’t coached to do it.”

“NBC has been running with this story nonstop because, again, it fits their narrative,” she added. “And again, they seem to want to undermine and sabotage this president in any way they can, even running with an unethical liar, if you will, like Omarosa, as well as unsubstantiated, unverified anonymous sources.”