Matthew Heimbach Got a New Neo-Nazi Job

Matthew Heimbach (Screenshot /

Matthew Heimbach got a new job at a neo-Nazi organization with whom his now-defunct Traditionalist Worker Party organization shared an alliance before his group’s disintegration.

Heimbach was once the leader of one of America’s most high-profile neo-Nazi organizations, Traditionalist Worker Party, before a love triangle affair caused the organization to implode. Heimbach was arrested in March and recently took a plea deal after he violently attacked his spokesperson and father-in-law David “Matt” Parrott, who had confronted Heimbach about the affair Heimbach was having with Parott’s wife. After Parrott’s departure and Heimbach’s public humiliation, the Traditionalist Worker Party was absolutely devastated. Many within the white nationalist movement ridiculed Heimbach relentlessly, making him the subject of memes and even writing a fascist parody song about his quandary.

After a summer in jail for disorderly conduct at a Trump rally in 2016, Heimbach reportedly resurfaced in Southeastern Tennessee, looking to re-engage with the white nationalist political scene in the area. After meeting with members of the local Democratic Party and reportedly telling officials that he wanted to “retake Southern Tennessee for traditional Democratic values,” Heimbach has returned to his roots within the white nationalist movement at the unabashed neo-Nazi organization National Socialist Movement.

National Socialist Movement and Traditionalist Worker Party previously acted in concert with the handful of neo-Confederate and white supremacist groups in the Aryan Nationalist Alliance (later rebranded as the Nationalist Front). In a press release circulated online yesterday by members of National Socialist Movement’s media team, Detroit National Socialist Movement commander Jeff Schoep announced that Heimbach had joined the organization as director of community outreach. This was further confirmed by announcements on the radio program produced by the National Socialist Movement, during which Heimbach appeared for an interview. From Schoep’s statement:

Uniting the best and brightest minds together under the NSM banner will bring about victory instead of disarray and infighting. Now is the time to show the enemies of our people the strength of a united front.

A new era of National Socialism has been unleashed upon the United States.

These are desperate times for our nation. It is time for all good men and women to come together to face off against the evil which has consumed our land.

Heimbach also penned a lengthy explanation regarding his decision to join National Socialist Movement that circulated alongside news of his new gig. In that essay, Heimbach wrote that “instead of dividing the movement with another faction” by creating a new white nationalist organization after the collapse of Traditionalist Worker Party, he felt “it makes far more sense to come together with my brothers and sisters to work to strengthen and improve an existing organization.” Heimbach said that he hopes to work with other members of the group to make the National Socialist Movement “the best White Nationalist organization in America.”

On a National Socialist Movement radio show yesterday, Heimbach expressed his excitement about working with the organization. One host joked that he felt “kind of Jewish” for working with Heimbach. Another host said he was happy to see Heimbach return to the movement.

In November, the National Socialist Movement plans to rally in Little Rock, Arkansas, to protest an alleged white “genocide” in South Africa—a myth debunked by numerous reputable sources—and stated in a press release that the group hopes to raise attention about the supposed “systematic murder of tens of thousands of White South African men, women, and children.” The release also says NSM will plead to Americans to “avoid our children facing the horrific reality of being a hated and despised minority that is steadily pushed towards extinction.”