MassResistance Loses It Over Profile of Lively

Last week, the Boston Globe ran a lengthy profile on Scott Lively and his new mission focusing on helping the downtrodden.  Given Lively’s notorious reputation as anti-gay activist, some felt that the Globe article was more or less a puff piece that didn’t adequately expose Lively’s history .. but Lively’s anti-gay allies at MassResistance had a different reaction, sending out a long email blasting the piece as “possibly the worst Globe attack article against a pro-family figure in memory” and calling for right-wing activists to refuse to talk to the Globe ever again: 

The mainstream media’s anti-family, anti-Christian propaganda campaign has taken a disturbing turn. Last week the Boston Globe published a particularly vicious front-page article attacking Scott Lively, a well-known pro-family activist, pastor, writer, and lecturer. It was done in a cowardly, dishonest manner where the reporter misrepresented himself and went against Dr. Lively’s wishes regarding the interview.

Scott Lively is known and respected in pro-family circles around the world. He is also an attorney and has a doctorate in theology. But his principled stand on homosexuality and biblical morality, which includes several books exposing the homosexual agenda, has earned him the vitriol of homosexual activists.

Dr. Lively, a Massachusetts native, moved back to Springfield a few years ago to start an inner-city Christian ministry. This apparently angers the Globe and prompted them to publish the article.

Going far beyond mere “bias”, it’s possibly the worst Globe attack article against a pro-family figure in memory.

The mainstream media is now starting to take the gloves off. It’s possible that the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” repeal was a watershed of sorts. Traditional religious belief (particularly regarding homosexuality) has been attacked for a while, but we were still somewhat tolerated. Many in the mainstream media now believe that traditional religious belief must be purged from society. To do that, it needs to be considered a hateful aberration, even a a mental illness.

For example, notice that in both the articles (including #2 below) the label “anti-gay pastor” is used to describe Scott Lively, even though his opinions would be considered mainstream among most Americans. It’s a conscious effort to demonize criticism of homosexuality, to make it a label that marginalizes him. (Of course, they would never label anyone “pro-gay” because that is now considered normal.)

What the Boston Globe (and Springfield Republican) did to Scott Lively is in our opinion only the beginning. They are clearly out to demonize and attack us, and twist our words into propaganda against us. They may have a broad First Amendment right to do these things, but we don’t have to help them. Thus, MassResistance is calling on the entire pro-family and conservative movement not to grant any interviews whatsoever with them or talk to their reporters.