Mark Taylor: Trump Fired Bannon So He Could Fulfill God’s Prophecy To Destroy The News Media

Mark Taylor, a “firefighter prophet” and conspiracy theory extraordinaire, told right-wing activist Sheila Zilinsky last week that he believed President Donald Trump purposefully fired Breitbart CEO and former White House adviser Steve Bannon from his administration in order to fulfill a prophetic word that called on Christians to destroy the modern news media.

During Zilinsky’s podcast last week, Taylor asked Zilinsky if he could share a prophecy he claims God delivered to him in July, in which God allegedly promised to “clean out the news media” and restore it with “righteous people.” Taylor’s prophecy also included God questioning millionaires and billionaires who are not “buying out these news outlets and taking control” and urging them to “move into my news media.”

Taylor said that Bannon, who has recently weaponized the Breitbart News website to attack White House staff he believes are jeopardizing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda, is fulfilling that prophecy.

“Look what happened with Steve Bannon,” Taylor said. “Steve Bannon literally just went out when he left the White House and met with the Mercers, the billionaires, because they’re thinking of going against Fox News to expose all of this stuff.”

“Trump is so smart, it’s incredible,” Taylor said. “I think it was purposefully done this way, to bring Bannon in, let him see the inner workings of the beast, and see who the beasts actually are, and then come out, and then wage war against them on the outside.”