Mark Taylor Says Those Who Call Him a ‘False Prophet’ Are Literally Endangering Their Lives

Mark Taylor, a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist and so-called “firefighter prophet,” appeared on the “Daily Renegade” program over the weekend, where he warned that those who call him a false prophet are literally risking their lives because God will punish them for doing so.

Taylor, about whom Liberty University made a movie last year, said that he is often accused of being a false prophet by people who get so wrapped up in their own expectations of how one of his prophecies will be fulfilled that they unable to see when it has come to pass in a way that differed from their expectations.

“We have this movie that we rehearse over and over in our head, how we feel that something is supposed to come to pass, and when something doesn’t come to pass in the way that we’ve rehearsed it in our head—these unexpected expectations—then people say, ‘Oh, that’s a false prophecy,'” Taylor said. “No, it just didn’t come to pass the way you wanted it to.”

As an example, Taylor cited his prophecy that Barack Obama would serve a third term, which he said people label a false prophecy only because they don’t realize that Obama “is, in fact, running a shadow government.”

“Guys, that is his third term right there,” Taylor said.

“I tell these keyboard commandos that before you hit that enter button and you attack someone, you had better make sure that they are not God’s anointed,” he added. “People don’t understand the implications of that. You are literally taking your life into your own hands right now because judgment is here. It’s not coming, it’s here on the earth right now and God’s not putting up with it. So before you go calling someone false, you have better make sure that you have got all your facts and your ducks in a row.”

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