Mark Taylor: Reproductive Rights Activists Will Advocate the Killing of Pregnant Women

Mark Taylor, a radical right-wing conspiracy theorist and the so-called “firefighter prophet,” made a return appearance on Tiffany FitzHenry’s YouTube program last week, where he predicted that those who support abortion rights will soon begin to advocate for the murder of pregnant women.

Taylor insisted that legal abortion, in addition to being a source of power for the demon god Baal, is also a form of population control. He prophesied that reproductive rights advocates will begin to call for women who get pregnant to be put to death.

“When you’re talking about control and the abortion issue, they go hand in hand,” said Taylor. “This is about controlling the population.”

“I’ll tell you what else is probably going to be exposed and I’ll release it here for the first time,” he added. “Look for these guys—the extreme left, the extreme globalists—that when a woman gets pregnant, their goal will be to take the woman and the child.”

“It’s like taking two birds with one shot, almost,” Taylor said. “Look for that somewhere in the world, where these elites go, ‘When you get pregnant at this point, we’re going to take the mother and the child.'”