Mark Taylor: Notre Dame Fire Was God’s Judgment to Expose Its Involvement in Child Sex Trafficking

Mark Taylor, the radical right-wing conspiracy theorist and so-called “firefighter prophet,” appeared on Chris McDonald’s “The MC Files” program last night, where he asserted that the recent fire at Notre Dame cathedral was the judgment of God and designed to expose the fact that the church was using its catacombs to traffic children and perform satanic rituals.

“These churches in the system, like Notre Dame, are burning for a reason,” said Taylor. “The church system is under judgment. Now, ask yourself, why did that church catch fire? What was going on in that church is what you need to ask yourself, and what’s going on under that church?”

“It’s a known fact that there are catacombs under that church,” he added. “There are tunnels under that church. We have talked about that many times on your program here where you’re going to see churches exposed—ministries, seminaries—that have tunnels under them that have been involved in sex trafficking, human trafficking, human sacrifice. There are satanic rituals going on in these churches and ministries; they’re trafficking these kids and these people underneath in these tunnels.”

“Whenever you see a fire,” Taylor continued, “you need to start asking yourself these tough questions: Was this from the enemy or was this from the judgment [of God] because, unfortunately, there has been stuff going on in these places that is being exposed … God’s exposing it all right now.”

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