Mark Taylor and Chris McDonald Attack Jentezen Franklin as a ‘Viper’ for Daring to Mildly Criticize Trump

On last night’s episode of “The MC Files,” right-wing conspiracy theorists Chris McDonald and Mark Taylor attacked pastor Jentezen Franklin for daring to mildly criticize President Donald Trump’s response to the nationwide protests that have erupted following the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer last week.

Franklin, who has been a key spiritual adviser to Trump throughout his time in office, posted a video on Twitter last week in which he decried the murder to Floyd but also said that he did not agree with Trump’s “insensitive tweet” threatening that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Taylor and McDonald were outraged that Franklin would dare to criticize Trump at all, with Taylor calling Franklin a “viper” while McDonald declared that Franklin was driven by “a spirit of Antichrist.”

“You don’t attack one another publicly if he’s in that foxhole with you,” Taylor said. “[Franklin] was basically condemning the insensitive tweet that the president put out about shooting and looting and I’m thinking to myself, ‘Well, he just exposed himself.’ If you’re on the president’s spiritual advisory board, why would you ever, ever go public with that garbage?”

“It’s also like you see these guys laying hands on the president, praying for him, but at the same time sliding a knife in his back,” Taylor added. “Why would you claim to be in a foxhole with someone, and when the shooting starts, they don’t shoot the enemy, they shoot you.”

“It’s disgusting,” McDonald agreed. “[You] don’t condemn the lawlessness, Jentezen, but you condemn the president for trying to stop the lawlessness? That’s the spirit of Antichrist, Mark. That’s nothing but the spirit of Antichrist.”

Taylor and McDonald were in complete agreement that “there was nothing wrong with what the president said,” with McDonald adding that, if anything, “I don’t think he said it strong enough.”