Maggie Gallagher Is In Love … With Marco Rubio

In her latest column, the National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher openly declares that, having met Florida Senate candidate Marco Rubio at a Council for National Policy event over the weekend, she is now madly in love

I met Marco Rubio in Naples, Fla., this weekend, where he gave the keynote speech at the Council for National Policy.

Never fall in love with a political candidate, I tell myself; they will break your heart. Besides, expecting more than one Reagan in a lifetime is just plain greedy. Not to mention stupid.

And then I heard Rubio in Naples, and what can I say? I fell in love.

Now that is kind of creepy … but not as creepy as the final paragraph in which she warns Gov. Charlie Crist that he had better not sully her fantasies about Rubio:

I don’t know what dirt he has on Rubio — or thinks he has — but, Charlie, I’m telling you: Don’t kill our dream. The political blood on the floor will be yours.

When she said she had fallen in love with Rubio, I didn’t realize that she meant that literally.