Alex Jones: Marco Rubio Is ‘Obsessed With Donald Trump’s Package’

Earlier this week, InfoWars newscaster and far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones spoke with Wayne Madsen about Marco Rubio’s supposed secret “gay past.”

Jones, a vocal supporter of Donald Trump (who has appeared on Jones’ show and commended Jones’ “amazing” reputation), asked Madsen about the Florida senator’s jokes regarding Trump wetting himself at a prior debate and about his hand size, a remark which clearly struck a nerve with the GOP frontrunner since he responded by bragging about his penis size during last night’s debate.

“Rubio’s an expert on men’s members,” Jones said. “He knows how to scope them out.”

“Why is Rubio obsessed with Donald Trump’s package?” he continued. Madsen, for his part, wanted to know why Rubio knew that small hands signaled that Trump has a small penis and why was Rubio was staring at Trump’s pants: “He can’t contain himself.”