MAGA Pastor Kent Christmas Says ‘The Kingdom of God’ Is the Only Legitimate Authority on Earth

Right-wing pastor Kent Christmas used the Sunday sermon at his Regeneration Nashville church to rail against the Biden administration, declaring that the “authority of the kingdom of God” is the only legitimate power on Earth and therefore everything else “is an illegal authority.”

Christmas is an anti-vax, vehemently anti-LGBTQ right-wing activist who regularly uses his sermons to rail against President Joe Biden and spread the lie that the 2020 election was stolen from former President Donald Trump. During his most recent sermon, Christmas warned that his political enemies will soon “bow at the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“The enemy cannot tell the truth,” Christmas said. “When liberals talk, they lie.”

“You are on the side of Jesus Christ, or you’re on the side of the devil,” he continued. “You aren’t in between. You’re not an undecided. Undecided means you have already decided, you’ve already made the decision. The court of Heaven today only recognizes the authority of the Kingdom of God. So, every other power that is in the Earth and every other authority that exerts itself outside of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ is an illegal authority. That means it has no right to enforce what it wants to enforce. So, much of what you’re seeing today, God does not recognize.”

“Every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus,” Christmas bellowed. “Barbra Streisand is going to bow at the deity of Jesus Christ. George Soros is going to bow at the name of Jesus Christ. Joe Biden is gonna get on his little feeble knees, and he’s gonna bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ. Hallelujah. Nancy Pelosi will bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ. Every liberal Supreme Court judge will bow at the name of the lord, Jesus Christ.”

Christmas’ sermon is an example of the divisive spiritual warfare rhetoric used by the right. The demonization of one’s political opponents and refusal to recognize a political authority as legitimate unless it matches a right-wing religious worldview poses a threat to any democratic society.

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