Liz Crokin Thinks Everyone in the World Should be Outraged That She was Banned From Twitter

Right-wing “journalist” and Trumpworshiping conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin spent a good portion of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend feverishly attacking Panera Bread and its executives on Twitter for launching an ad campaign featuring actor Rainn Wilson, whom Crokin has repeatedly accused of being “involved in child sex trafficking.”

Eventually, Crokin was banned by Twitter and she is not handling it well, judging by her appearance on “The Matt Couch Show” yesterday, where she said that she has no idea why she was banned and declared that every person in the world should be outraged by it.

“I’d been given no warning,” Crokin said. “Now, I have theories as to why. They did not tell me which tweet triggered it. My number one theory is that I expose elite pedophiles, Twitter covers up for elite pedophiles …. Twitter actively covers up for people who promote pedophilia, people who are trafficking children on that social media platform, and people who are engaged in raping children. Those people are protected, some of those people are verified, those people tweet the most horrendous stuff about children—promoting pedophilia, promoting the ritualistic sexual abuse of children. But people like me—God forbid you expose people that are raping and torturing and sacrificing kids—you get shut down with no explanation. Now if that doesn’t make every single good American and person around the world outraged, then I don’t know what will.”

Later in the interview, Crokin said it was a miracle that she hasn’t been killed because of her work to expose this supposed global pedophile ring, but admitted that her efforts to do so have all but ruined her life, so much so that she was even unwelcome at her own high school reunion.

“It’s amazing I’ve been able to stay alive,” she said. “Thank you, Jesus. God has been protecting me, God has prepared me for this role my entire life, but you wouldn’t believe the crap they have put me through. I’ve had to leave the country more than once. I have been physically assaulted. I have been beat up. I get followed all the time. My accounts are constantly hacked. I mean, my life has been pure hell. It’s been miserable. I feel like a prisoner because I have been advised, until these mass arrests happen, not to let anyone new in my life because I have such a big target on my back. You don’t have to be in a prison cell to be a prisoner.”

“I literally have no life,” Crokin continued. “I have sacrificed by career. I’ve been destroyed by the mainstream media because of it. They have spread complete lies about me so that anyone who is not versed in the stuff, [if] they Google my name, they are gonna think I’m a whack job. It’s divided my family.”

“My life has been pure hell,” she said. “I do not have a good life. This is not fun. This is a horrible way to live and everybody calls me crazy, a crazy conspiracy nut, but I’m not crazy. The people I expose are crazy. They’re raping kids. I’m the sane one.”

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