Liz Crokin Says ‘It’s a Miracle’ She Hasn’t Already Been Killed by the Clintons

Right-wing “journalist” and Trumpworshiping conspiracy theorist Liz Crokin appeared on YourVoice America’s “Steel Truth” program last Friday, where she asserted that “it’s a miracle” that she hasn’t already been murdered because of her efforts to expose the supposed existence of a global satanic pedophile ring involving countless political, economic and cultural leaders.

Crokin spent a good portion of the program rehashing her belief that authorities are in possession of copious evidence implicating Hillary Clinton in the sexual assault, torture, and murder of children; beliefs that were shared by the show’s host, Ann Vandersteel.

Crokin claimed that when NYPD detectives seized a laptop owned by former Rep. Anthony Weiner after he was arrested for sexting with a minor, they found “tons” of evidence of “child rape” that she claimed implicates Clinton and “several other elites.”

Crokin and Vandersteel insisted that the fact that this story had been reported by the notorious right-wing fake news/conspiracy theory website True Pundit was proof that it was true, with both claiming that the True Pundit report corroborated what their own sources have told them.

“I have a source that is a former New York police detective that called when this all went down,” Vandersteel said. “He was part of the child sex trafficking unit in New York City and he contacted his friends that still work there and they told him this. And he told me this when the story came out and I said, ‘Will you go on camera?’ and he said, ‘I’m afraid to, I’m afraid to go on camera and talk about this because there is a Clinton body count also associated with these people.'”

“They’ve tried to come after me,” Crokin responded. “They have come after me. It’s a miracle I’m still alive, to tell you the truth.”