Lauren Boebert Falsely Claims Texas Hasn’t Had a Single COVID-19 Death Since Lifting All Restrictions Two Months Ago

Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado and other Republican lawmakers are rebelling against the requirement that members of Congress wear a mask while on the floor of the House of Representatives. On Wednesday, Boebert appeared on the “Dr. Gina Primetime” television program, which is hosted by right-wing commentator Gina Loudon and airs on the right-wing Real America’s Voice network, where she falsely claimed that masks are not necessary because Texas has not reported a single COVID-19 death since the state lifted all restrictions over two months ago.

“I’m really enjoying telling Speaker Pelosi to, ‘Kiss my mask,'” Boebert chortled. “[Rep.] Thomas Massie and I both got warnings, and both of our letters ended up in the same exact place ironically: the trash. Leftists won’t even listen to the bureaucrats at the CDC, and it just goes to show that this party’s ‘Follow the Science’ slogan is a total joke, just like this entire administration, just like the entire Democrat Party. They want to tell you to listen to science and listen to data and facts, but they haven’t done that for more than a year. Two weeks to slow the spread turned into communism really, really quickly.”

“Texas removed their mask mandate two months ago, and Sleepy Joe called it ‘Neanderthal thinking,'” she continued. “No, sir. Republicans are just following the science, and since removing the mask mandate two months ago, Texas has not reported a single COVID death. Not one.”

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott lifted all COVID-19 restrictions in Texas on March 2. According to data provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services, the state had recorded 46,538 deaths at that point. As of May 19, Texas has reported 50,051 deaths, meaning that according to Texas’ own “COVID-19 Total Fatalities by County” chart, more than 3,500 people have died of COVID-19 since the state removed all restrictions two months ago.