Rep. Lauren Boebert Says MAGA Insurrection Shows Why She Should Be Able to Carry a Gun in Congress

QAnon-supporting Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado appeared on “The Victory Channel” Tuesday, where she argued that last week’s MAGA insurrection at the Capitol shows why she should be allowed to carry a gun in Congress.

Boebert was a vocal supporter of the so-called Stop The Steal effort and was among the group of Republicans who objected to Congress’ certification of Joe Biden as president-elect, which last Wednesday’s rally was designed to stop. Despite the fact Boebert was allied with the very activists who breached security and stormed the Capitol, she is now trying to use the insurrection as justification for being allowed to carry a gun in Washington, D.C., and in Congress.

Boebert kicked things off by likening herself to the Founding Fathers for her objecting to the certification of Biden as president-elect.

“I woke up that morning with our Founding Fathers on my mind,” she said. “I was thinking back to our Founding Fathers and how they had signed their name to a document knowing the ridicule and even possible death would come just by signing their names to these documents. And I thought of myself in that situation, and I prayed that I would have the courage to take a stand for our country, for our freedoms, our liberty, for election integrity. And that day, I signed my name to six documents to stand for our Constitution, to stand for election integrity.”

Later in the broadcast, Boebert cited the mayhem in the Capitol on Jan. 6 as MAGA activists rampaged through the Capitol in an effort to stop the very certification to which she had objected as an example of why she should be allowed to carry a gun on the House floor.

“I think Jan. 6 showed us all why we need to be able to defend ourselves,” she said. “I’ve talked to many of my colleagues who said, ‘Man, I wish I would have had a firearm that day,’ or, ‘I will always have a firearm from this point on.’ Unfortunately, in my case, I was following the letter of the law down to a ‘T,’ and I wanted to be able to tell the American people that I am following all D.C. firearm laws, including the rules and regulations that we have here in the House. Well, part of those rules are no carrying on the House floor. So I had a firearm, but it wasn’t with me because we aren’t permitted to have it on the House floor. So, it didn’t really do me much good in that particular scenario. So, I would urge anyone who is trying to further limit our Second Amendment rights to reconsider.”

In the wake of last week’s chaos, metal detectors have been installed outside the House chamber, and Boebert has reportedly clashed with Capitol Police tasked with ensuring the safety of House members by refusing to allow her bag to be searched after setting off an alarm.