Lapin: Welfare Makes God Cry

A few weeks back, we posted a series of videos taken from David Barton’s two-week stint on “Gospel Truth” with Andrew Wommack.  In one of those videos Barton explained how a “Jewish Rabbi friend” helped him understand that the Biblical story about the Tower of Bable was really about how God hates socialism.

Barton’s “Jewish Rabbi friend” was Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a Religious Right activist who was deeply tied to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. 

Today, Lapin was the guest on “Wallbuilders Live” radio program and it became clear why he and Barton are such good friend when he explained that God hates government welfare so much that, in fact, it makes him cry: 

When it’s time to vote, I evaluate candidates on the basis of where they see the limits of constitutional government. Do they, for instance, believe that the entire moral structure of charity in the Bible is something that God intends governments to do coercively? That is simply a very false and, dare I say, frequently self-serving explanation of the Bible’s view on charity . It’s simply not so.

The idea is for individuals to give charity. And, as a matter of fact, I don’t doubt for a moment that God frowns upon government coercive charity in the form of Welfare that has now presented us the specter of hard-working American families confronting confiscatory rates of taxation in order to underwrite multi-generational dysfunctionality. If anything brings tears to the eyes of God, in my view, it would be that.