Donald Trump Is ‘A Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball’ Against Satan And Political Correctness

Lance Wallnau, a Seven Mountains dominionism advocate and one of Donald Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters on the Religious Right, appeared on Jim Bakker’s “Revelation in the News” program on Friday to inform evangelical voters that God has “anointed” Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States.

Wallnau said Satan has captured several American institutions, including universities, where he claimed the devil has worked to “plant extreme left philosophies and ideologies” and “have homosexuality legitimized, have Christianity delegitimized and have a new economic philosophy of justice and redistribution.” Such philosophies, he said, suppress “the God-given talents to create wealth, which God has given to the Jew and to America.”

Later in the interview, he explained that Trump is God’s “wrecking ball” set out to smash Satanic dominion in the U.S. The presidential election, he said, is a choice between someone whom God has anointed and someone anointed by the devil.

“I guarantee the devil has possession of people he wants in political power,” he said. “And what you end up with is a secular person God anoints with someone who the devil has an anointing on. And when they come to collision, it’s not an easy call because the Christians can’t go, ‘Well, one loves Jesus and the other doesn’t.’ You might end up with a Samson, who has a history that’s questionable with Dalilah, but that’s the anointed vessel to take the gates of the city.”

Wallnau then went on to discuss how God personally told him that Trump is “a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball against the spirit of political correctness.”

Trump, he said, “is a wrecking ball to what the devil never should have set up in the first place.”