Kevin Swanson: The Movie ‘Moonlight’ Is A ‘Sinister, Evil, Demonic Work’ Aimed Aimed At ‘Prepping Boys For Pederasty’

Rabidly anti-LGBT activist and radio host Kevin Swanson is not a fan of the new widely acclaimed film “Moonlight,” which is about a young man “growing up poor, black and gay” in Miami. Swanson blasted the movie on his radio show last week as “a huge step towards the indoctrination [of] a pro-homosexual viewpoint” in society for the purpose of “training young boys in the area of homosexuality.”

“In the history of homosexuality, pederasty really is an essential component of the homosexual movement and has been for thousands and thousands of years,” Swanson said, calling the film “a sinister, evil, demonic work.”

The movie is “prepping boys for pederasty,” he said, because “the corruption of boys is the greatest delight in the homosexual pagan heart.”