Kevin Swanson: Electing A Female President Is ‘The Final Chapter’ Of Feminists’ War Against America

On his radio show yesterday, far-right pastor Kevin Swanson warned that electing Hillary Clinton to be the country’s female president would represent “the final chapter” of the feminist movement’s war against America.

“On the one hand, the nation embraces a sexual decadence,” Swanson said. “On the other hand, the feminists —who themselves rather appreciate free love, sexual impurity and adultery, but they don’t appreciate fact that a woman was taken advantage of. Therefore, in order for [Clinton] to be vindicated, she has got to prove herself by winning the power struggle over the highest office in the land. This is what defines America today.”

Swanson said that “feminism’s greatest victory” will be to take the place of men. “If they can achieve the ultimate zenith of power, this will become the final chapter, in a sense, of the present war that feminists have waged over this nation,” he said.

Swanson said that Germany, the United Kingdom and the U.S., “the three most powerful nations in the West during World War II,” are “birth imploding thanks to the feminists and the pro-abortion crowd.”

“The three most powerful nations in the Western world that are birth imploding and developing an impressive debt-to-GDP ratio, and doing the best to destroy their entire socioeconomic systems, the three most powerful Western nations led by women, it’s interesting,” Swanson said.