Kenneth Copeland Now Has A Direct Line To Deliver Messages From God To President Trump

During Kenneth Copeland’s “America Stands: Election Coverage in the Spirit of Faith” live election night broadcast, Copeland rejoiced that, as a member of Donald Trump’s faith advisory council, he’ll now have direct access to the president of the United States for the first time in his life.

Copeland, who believes that he can cure Ebola by speaking in tongues, rejoiced that if God puts something on his heart that needs to be delivered to the president, he’ll now have a direct line to deliver that message.

“I have no doubt,” he said, “if something were to really strike my heart, if God really showed me something that I felt like and that the Lord would say, ‘You deliver this,’ I have no doubt that I could deliver it, and that was not true in presidents past even though we had influence in some areas in some ways.”

“I am totally convinced that if the Lord were to say something to me … that the president needs to hear,” he said, “I have no doubt that we could do it and do it quickly and have audience to say, ‘Thus saith the Lord’ and he wouldn’t just turn it over to an aide or something and just write it off. He would listen and it would mean something to him.”